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Keyboard Shortcuts

If a shortcut indicates the use of a command key, the actual key to press will be dependent on the operating system. On Mac OS, the command key is the apple or command key. On Windows and Unix/Linux, the command key is the control key.

Fast-Switching Toolbox Keys

[f] Quick Toggle. Toggles between two ROI tools. See the Preferences section.
[Shift][f] Cycles through the four most recently selected tools.
[d] Cycles among those ROI colors that have been used, defaulting to a toggle between red and green.
[s] Toggles ROIs on/off.
[a] Toggles main crosshairs on/off.

Viewer Navigation Keys

[Spacebar] Cycle the main slice view in a clockwise rotation.
[Page Up] or ['] Increment the axial slice.
[Page Down] or [/] Decrement the axial slice.
[Arrow Up] and [Arrow Down] Increment/decrement the coronal slice.
[Arrow Right] and [Arrow Left] Increment/decrement the sagittal slice.
[g] and [v] Increment/decrement main slice, regardless of slice direction.
[<] or [,] Decrement the timepoint.
[>] or [.] Increment the timepoint.
[Esc] Navigate to exact coordinate.
[Tab] Cycles through multiple viewer windows.
[o] Navigate viewer to the image origin.
[c] Navigate viewer to the center of the image.

Menu Keys

[Command][o] Opens a file chooser to select an image to open.
[Command][Shift][o] Opens a file chooser to select an image to overlay.
[Command][i] Opens the Image Info window.
[Command][w] Closes the viewer.
[Command][s] Saves the image.
[Command][Shift][s] Opens the Save As window.
[Command][z] Undo an ROI operation.
[Command][Shift][z] Reverts an undo operation.
[Command][x] Copies then deletes selected ROIs.
[Command][c] Copies selected ROIs.
[Command][v] Pastes the contents of the ROI clipboard.
[Delete] Deletes an active polyline or selected ROIs.
[Command][a] Selects all ROIs.
[Command][Shift][a] Deselects all ROIs.
[Command][m] Minimize the window.
[Command][Minus] Decrease the size of the viewer window.
[Command][Plus] Increase the size of the viewer window.
[F1] Opens this user guide.
[F2] through [F24] Can be assigned to any viewer menu item already not assigned. See Preferences section.

Other Keys

[Command][0] Fill outside of the union of all selected ROIs with the value 0.
[Command][Shift][0] Fill inside of the union of all selected ROIs with the value 0.
[Command][p] Saves a capture of either the slice view or surface view, depending on which is the active window.
[Command][Shift][p] Opens a file dialog before saving the capture, otherwise same as above.
[Minus] Decreases the size of the ROI tool.
[Plus] Increases the size of the ROI tool.
[r] While being pressed, reduces the size of the ROI tool by 75%.
[t] Brings the toolbox to the top of the window stack.
[Command][q] Quits the application.
Most dialog windows can be navigated using the [Tab] and arrow keys. [Esc] will close an open dialog window.